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Lansing Veterinarian

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Pet Hospital in Dewitt MI

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Dewitt Veterinarian
Lansing Veterinarian
Pet Hospital in Dewitt MI
We Look Forward to Caring for the Life-Long Health of Your Pets!

DeWitt Veterinarian Clinic | Pet Hospital

Need a Veterinarian or Pet Hospital in DeWitt or the greater Lansing area?  Our Dewitt Veterinarians and pet health team at the Pet Health Center in DeWitt MI, provides exceptional veterinarian services for dogs and cats of all ages.  Our compassionate and well-trained pet health team is concerned with the physical and emotional needs of pets and the families that care for them.  Our goal is to provide your pet with life long health and wellness care.


Dewitt Veterinarian, Dr. Stephen R. Thimmig and his team care for your pets in the greater Lansing area and are conveniently located in DeWitt between Bath, St. Johns and Lansing.  At the very heart of any wellness program is an Annual Comprehensive Physical Examination.  This gives your veterinarian a chance to review all of the changes your pet has experienced in the last year.  Veterinarian emergencies are available 24 hrs a day by calling 517-669-2641.

Pet Services

We are dedicated to providing the best possible care for pets and service to our clients!

Wellness Care

An annual physical exam allows the doctor to monitor your the health of your pet.

Pet Grooming

Our professional pet grooming is through Three Shears for Pets, located in our building.

Anesthesia and Pain control

Our Doctors and technicians have the best training and equipment available!

Dog & Cat Surgeries

General soft tissue and orthopedic procedures, eye injuries and dental repairs.