DeWitt Veterinarian | Lansing Pet Hospital

Dr. Stephen R. Thimmig – Veterinarian
Owner of Pet Health Center

It all started in a small 5,000-watt station ...  Not. I am the son of a Physician and Schoolteacher, the oldest of eight children, all of which are professionals (must have been something in the water). My interest in veterinary medicine starts as far back as I can remember. From my father I learned surgery and medicine from my mother I learned the joy of teaching. Veterinary medicine is a hybrid of both professions.

As a youth I was "Pet Starved." I had five brothers and two sisters, and NO furry buds. Try as I may to keep every stray in the neighborhood, I was thwarted at every turn. My mother was on a first name basis with the officers from Animal Control. It was not until I was married and out on my own that I would have a pet.

Ten years after graduating from high school, having served my country as a Military Policemen, earning two undergraduate college degrees (Animal Husbandry and Ag Education) and completing Veterinary school, I started my career as a doctor. I have not strayed far from home (pardon the pun). My first job was with a very fine veterinarian teaching me the ART of medicine. I spent many years learning the science but science without art is cold and uncaring.

Just five years after graduation I had the opportunity to purchase the then Zeeb Animal Hospital of DeWitt. Again I had the privilege of associating with a bigger than life mentor Dr. Bernard Zeeb. Although I did not work directly with him, I have always been quick to seek his counsel. Since I took the helm in June of 1986, the practice has grown steadily. We now service pets from more than 80 zip codes! In August of 1998 I renamed the facility to more accurately represent what we do, hence "Pet Health Center". In addition to renaming the facility I have added a new service - grooming. Operating under the name "Three Shears For Pets", dogs and cats stop in for a beauty break.

My commitment is to the youngsters of this world. Through my office I have sponsored, 2 little league teams (for 10+ years, one boys, one girls) a 4-H group "Paws & Claws", and an Explorer Post #132. I have purchased livestock through the Clinton County 4-H fair Auction, judged 4-H fair "Vet Science" projects (for 20+ years), and been a pushover for any quality student project.  I believe that our brightest hope for the future can be found within our youth.

I write a weekly veterinary column for the Community Newspapers on a Pet Health. Some of the articles are serious but all have a bit of humor and a message. When you live in the fast lane, it's not hard to find subject material!

Continuing education programs have always been an important part of my professional life. I will admit I much prefer the winter meeting in Orlando to our own winter Michigan conference.

Through all of this, to meet the needs of Pets, Clients, and our Health Care Team my family has made tremendous sacrifices. In return, they have been able to share in our success. They have seen me bring life into this world and watched as I have helped end an animal's suffering. My life, as has theirs, has been made richer for the experiences at the Pet Health Center.

Our TEAM Members:

    - Stephen R. Thimmig, D.V.M.

    - Pat
    - Kristina

Licensed Veterinary Technician
    - Leslie

Veterinary Assistants
    - Jessica
    - Mirissa

Administrative Assistant
    - Justin

Practice Manager
    - Mary Thimmig

Assistant Practice Managers
    - Karen

Pet Stylists
    - Kelly

Interns (After Hours Care Providers)

    - Matthew
    - Kelsey
    - Jenessa
    - Erika

Referral Services

    - Dr. Theresa Driscoll (Chiropractic)